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sorry, i'm only begin to do my home page, so here there is only some files & four my works in PhotoShop, come here, after two-three days, and you will see here:cool intro,src(flame,water,voxel,bump,etc.), some java,hack,crack,virii,cool links to hacker sites, russian chat, pictures, and more other.

if you have a question to me, send me a letter to, and if you find some gluks(errors) in my page,mail me too,plz!

here is some files form my collection:

name size category balls description 6.2K intro one of my first intro,pas 37K intro the same,pas 8.7K intro the same,pas 14.5K intro water effect,asm effect 2.2K intro water effect in 100 !!bytes!!,asm 5.6K intro my work,firewall in 127 !!bytes!!,asm 1.2K intro mandel fractal in 94 and 24 !!bytes!!,asm 41K intro tunnele effect,pas effect 4K small util util for text effect 1.1K small util gluk with text font 14.5K small util good util by FCK!
burn_mix.rar 672K muzax death break-beat,mix by VID,original-Burn! by (0Rp$e,IT 778K muzax death jungle,This Means War! by (0Rp$e,IT
f_beat.rar 538K muzax progressive house by VID,IT
atlantis.rar 92K muzax deep house by VID,IT 722K tracker Impulse Tracker v2.14 204K player ModPlug Player v1.32:IT,XM,MOD,S3M etc. for WIN 445K player Cubic Player v2.0 110K add-on Cubic Player IT Add-On

some useful links: see it after two-three days!